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No Cold War condemns MI5 witch hunt against Britain’s Chinese heritage community

The recent MI5 warning about Christine Lee “interfering” in British parliamentary politics on behalf of China, given widespread coverage in the British media, in reality represents an escalation of the witch-hunt against members of the Chinese diaspora in the UK and an attempt to intimidate those seeking to promote good relations between Britain and China. 

No evidence has been presented to support the claim that Ms Lee has engaged in illegal activity, no charges have been brought, nor has evidence been presented that she engaged in activity any different than those who attempt to promote good relations between Britain and countries other than China. The facts show that she is being targeted simply for aiming to improve relations between the UK and China. The singling out of Ms Lee is racist and discriminatory, introducing a different standard for people of Chinese heritage compared to those with other backgrounds.

Would a security alert be raised if Ms Lee worked for a pro-US organisation and was promoting positive US-UK relations? Or if she worked for a pro-French organisation and was promoting positive France-UK relations? Or if she worked for a pro-Israeli organisation and was promoting positive Israel-UK relations? The very idea is absurd. Numerous individuals and organisations of different heritages attempt to promote good relations between Britain and other countries. There is no suggestion that Ms Lee was engaged in spying or any similar activity – indeed any such charge is absurd as her efforts to promote good relations between China and Britain was publicly known and officially recognised, as evidenced by her meetings with well-known British political figures. This is exactly the opposite of the activity that would be undertaken by a spy or person engaged in espionage....

January 19, 2022




如果李女士為親美組織工作並促進積極的美英關係,或者如果她為一個親法組織工作 並促進積極的法英關係,再或者如果她為一個親以色列的組織工作並且正在促進積極 的以色列-英國關係,軍情五處是否會發出安全警報?整個事件的想法很荒謬。許多不 同種族的個人和組織試圖促進其所屬國和英國之間的良好關係。沒有跡象表明李女士 從事間諜活動或任何類似活動——事實上,任何此類對李女士的指控都是荒謬的。因 為她為促進中英友好關係所做的努力已廣為人知並得到官方認可,她與英國著名政治 人物的會面也證明了這一點。這與間諜或從事間諜活動的人所從事的活動完全相反。這個所謂“安全警報”的真正目的有兩個組成部分。一是試圖建立雙重標準,認為促 進英國與一些國家(如美國、法國、以色列)的良好關係是可以的,但不允許促進英 國與中國等其他國家的良好關係。二是煽動對中國“黃禍”的恐懼、歧視和種族主 義。

受人尊敬的美國著名歷史學家杰拉爾德·霍恩(Gerald Horne)正確寫道,五十年代 的紅色恐慌是“冷戰的侍女”。如今,針對英國、美國和澳大利亞和其他地方華人社 區的以所謂床下藏著赤色分子的新版言論,正在發揮同樣的作用,這種散佈恐懼的行 為被用來為西方對中國的新冷戰辯護,並鎮壓那些反對這種毫無底線、敵對政策的 人。這是一條非常危險和不民主之路。

(華萍 翻譯 2022年1月20日)

January 19, 2022

“拒绝新冷战”(No Cold War)谴责英国军情五处对英国华人社区的政治迫害

英国媒体最近广泛报道了军情五处关于对华裔律师李贞驹(Christine Lee)所谓代表中国“干涉”英国议会政治的警告,这实际上代表了英国政府迫害在英华人华侨的升级——企图以此恐吓那些寻求促进中英良好关系的人士。



这个所谓“安全警告” 的真正目的有两个组成部分。一是试图建立双重标准,认为促进英国与一些国家(如美国、法国、以色列)的良好关系是可以的,但不允许促进英国与中国等其他国家的良好关系;二是煽动对中国“黄祸”的恐惧、歧视和种族主义。

受人尊敬的美国著名历史学家杰拉尔德·霍恩(Gerald Horne)正确写道,20世纪50年代的红色恐慌是“冷战的侍女”。如今,针对英国、美国和澳大利亚和其他地方华人社区的以所谓床下藏着赤色分子的新版言论,正在发挥同样的作用,这种散布恐惧的行为被用来为西方对中国的新冷战辩护,并镇压那些反对这种毫无底线、敌对政策的人。这种反民主的行为非常危险!

(华萍 翻译于2022年1月20日)

January 19, 2022

Rosa Luxemburg Conference: Hands Off Russia and China!

Rosa Luxemburg Conference 2022
War and corpses – the last hope of the rich

Saturday 8th January
10.30am – 8.00pm Central European Time

The Rosa Luxemburg Conference is organised by the German daily newspaper ‘Junge Welt’ and supported by trade unions, left media and organisations.

No Cold War is proud to support the Conference.

The Conference will be streamed live in German, Spanish and English.

For further details click here.

You can read the programme for the Conference here.

Speakers include:

Rosario del Pilar Pentón Díaz, A Deputy of the National Assembly of Popular Power (the parliament of the Republic of Cuba)

Juan Ramón Quintana, Minister of the Presidency in the three governments of Bolivia’s former President Evo Morales.

Dmitri G. Novikov, Vice Chairman of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation

Jeremy Corbyn, Member of the British Parliament and former leader of the Labour Party

Rania Khalek, Lebanese-US journalist and political activist based in the Middle East

January 06, 2022

No Cold War Britain statement on Biden’s Summit for Democracy

Read below the latest statement from No Cold War Britain condemning Britain’s participation in US President Joe Biden’s so-called ‘Summit for Democracy’ taking place 9-10th December 2021.

The facts show the so-called Summit for Democracy called by the Biden administration on December 9-10 is in reality just the latest cold war initiative of the US administration. This summit, which aims to get other countries across the world to join in with Washington’s attack on China in the name of promoting “respect for human rights,” will be attended by Britain.

The facts show that US administrations, far from upholding democracy internationally, have a record of systematic violations of it. No other country approaches the US in a record of invading other states, support for anti-democratic coups and other forms of aggression against countries including unilateral economic sanctions.

It is sufficient to mention only the invasion of Iraq, the bombing of Libya, the coup against Allende, the decades-long economic embargo against Cuba in defiance of almost unanimous votes in the United Nations, to see that the claim by the US that its policies are motivated by “democracy” is false.

US foreign policy demands that countries subordinate themselves to the US. The US will support any country which subordinates itself to Washington, including those that have no form of democracy whatever such as Saudi Arabia.

It is particularly ludicrous and hypocritical for Britain to join a summit aiming to lecture China about “human rights” and “democracy” when Britain ruled as a colonial power in Hong Kong for more than 150 years....

December 10, 2021

The Biden summit is not about democracy, it is about a new Cold War

It is clear that the ‘Summit for Democracy’ called by the Biden administration on 9-10th December is in reality just Washington’s latest Cold War provocation.

The truth is that the United States government has a long record of systematically violating both democratic and human rights across the world. Its record of invading other states, organising and supporting anti-democratic coups, and interfering in the affairs of other countries, is unequalled. The invasion of Iraq, bombing of Libya, attempts to overthrow the Venezuelan government, and decades-long economic blockade against Cuba, in defiance of the international community, are just a handful of examples which clearly demonstrate that US foreign policy is not motivated by a commitment to ‘democracy’ or ‘human rights’.

In fact, US foreign policy is conducted on the basis of violating national sovereignty, dominating other countries, and forcing states to subordinate themselves to Washington. Countries which pursue their national interests in ways that the US opposes are attacked regardless of their form of government. Meanwhile, countries with no form of democracy whatsoever, such as Saudi Arabia, are embraced as close allies.

Other countries joining the Biden administration’s Summit, themselves have long histories of colonialism and foreign domination. These states have participated in anti-democratic actions which have contravened international law and were unilaterally taken outside of the framework of the United Nations, such as the invasion of Iraq.

In short, no credibility can be given to the claim that this meeting is about ‘democracy’. Instead, the Biden administration aims to draw false divisions within the international community in support of its Cold War agenda....

December 06, 2021

Say No To AUKUS: International Day of Action

No AUKUS Pact! No New Cold War!
International Day of Action – Saturday 11 December 2021

Peace movements in Britain, Australia and the US are organising an International Day of Action to draw public attention to the new AUKUS military pact between Britain, the US and Australia.

The deal will give Australia nuclear-powered submarines – the first non-nuclear state to get them. This is a dangerous escalation in the West’s on-going confrontation with China that risks nuclear proliferation and breaches the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

The organisers of the International Day of Action are encouraging local actions to raise awareness about this new threat to world peace and would like to see activists across the globe condemn the anti-China military pact on social media using the hashtags #NoToAKUS and #StopAUKUS.

No Cold War is supporting the International Day of Action against AUKUS. For further details contact CND

November 26, 2021

Die Welt braucht Klimakooperation, keinen neuen kalten Krieg

Auf der Klimakonferenz COP26 ist es leider nicht gelungen, einen neuen Weg für die Menschheit einzuschlagen, um eine Klimakatastrophe zu vermeiden. Die UN-Wissenschaftler halten es für notwendig, die globale Erwärmung auf unter 1,5 Grad Celsius zu begrenzen – doch selbst wenn alle Zusagen der COP26 umgesetzt werden würden, wäre die Welt immer noch auf dem Weg zu einer Erwärmung von 2,4 Grad bis zum Ende des Jahrhunderts.

Die Premierministerin von Barbados, Mia Mottley, wies darauf hin, was für die Menschheit auf dem Spiel steht – insbesondere für den globalen Süden, in dem die Mehrheit der Weltbevölkerung lebt –, sollte sich der derzeitige Kurs der globalen Erwärmung fortsetzen:

“Für diejenigen, die Augen haben, um zu sehen, diejenigen, die Ohren haben, um zu hören, diejenigen, die ein Herz haben, um zu fühlen, sind 1,5 (Grad) das, was wir brauchen, um zu überleben (…), die Welt braucht unser Handeln jetzt, nicht im nächsten Jahr, nicht im nächsten Jahrzehnt.”

Die COP26 wurde weithin als »Greenwashingfestival des globalen Nordens« kritisiert, da die wohlhabenden, »entwickelten« Nationen versuchten, ihre Verantwortung für die Klimakrise auf den globalen Süden abzuwälzen, wobei insbesondere China und Indien im Visier standen. Dieser Versuch, die Schuld abzuschieben, ist nicht nur zynisch und beleidigend, sondern auch völlig falsch. Der globale Norden ist in überwältigender Weise für die Klimakrise verantwortlich, da er 92 Prozent der CO2-Emissionen, die die Aufnahmefähigkeit der Erde überschreiten, produziert hat....

November 26, 2021

Después de la COP26: El mundo necesita cooperación climática, no una nueva Guerra Fría

Lamentablemente, la COP26 no logró establecer una nueva ruta para la humanidad que evite una catástrofe climática. La comunidad científica de las Naciones Unidas considera necesario limitar el calentamiento global por debajo de 1,5 °C; sin embargo, incluso si se aplicaran todas las promesas de la COP 26, el mundo alcanzaría los 2,4 °C de calentamiento a finales de siglo. 

La Primera Ministra de Barbados, Mia Mottley, destacó lo que está en juego para la humanidad —en particular para el Sur Global, que alberga a la mayoría del mundo— si continúa la trayectoria actual del calentamiento global: 

Para quienes tienen ojos para ver, para quienes tienen oídos para escuchar, para quienes tienen corazón para sentir, 1,5 [°C] es lo que necesitamos para sobrevivir […] el mundo necesita nuestra acción ahora, no en el próximo año, no en la próxima década.

La COP26 ha sido ampliamente criticada como un “festival de greenwashing (maquillaje verde) del Norte Global”, ya que las naciones ricas y “desarrolladas” intentaron trasladar su responsabilidad sobre la crisis climática al Sur Global, apuntando a China e India en particular. Este esfuerzo por trasladar la culpa no sólo es cínico y ofensivo, sino totalmente falso. El Norte Global es el mayor responsable de la crisis climática, al haber producido el 92% de las emisiones de CO2 por encima de los límites planetarios seguros para la humanidad. ...

November 26, 2021

After COP26: The world needs climate cooperation, not a new Cold War

The COP26 regrettably failed to make the breakthrough towards establishing a new pathway for humanity that avoids a climate catastrophe. The UN scientific community considers it necessary to limit global warming below 1.5°C — however, even if all COP26 pledges were implemented, the world would still be on course for 2.4 °C of warming by the end of the century. 

The Prime Minister of Barbados, Mia Mottley, outlined the stakes for humanity — particularly for the Global South, home to the world’s majority — should the current trajectory of global warming continue: 

For those who have eyes to see, those who have ears to listen, those who have a heart to feel, 1.5 [°C] is what we need to survive […] the world needs our action now, not in the next year, not in the next decade.

The COP26 has been widely criticised as a ‘Global North greenwashing festival,’ as wealthy, ‘developed’ nations attempted to offload their responsibility for the climate crisis onto the Global South, targeting China and India in particular. This effort to shift blame is not only cynical and offensive but wholly false. The Global North is overwhelmingly responsible for the climate crisis, having produced 92% of CO2 emissions above the safe planetary boundary. 

Meanwhile, the US attempted to use the COP26 to advance its new Cold War, with President Biden slamming China for ‘not showing up’ on the issue. In fact, the US has produced more CO2 emissions than any other country to date and continues to emit much more CO2 per person than any other major country. In 2020, the US emitted 14 tons of CO2 per person – nearly double the amount of China, which emitted 7.4 tons per person, and almost eight times the amount of India, which emitted 1.8 tons per person....

November 17, 2021

No Cold War statement

Add your name to the statement


A New Cold War against China is against the interests of humanity

We note the increasingly aggressive statements and actions being taken by the US government in regard to China. These constitute a threat to world peace and are an obstacle to humanity successfully dealing with extremely serious common issues which confront it such as climate change, control of pandemics, racist discrimination and economic development.

We therefore believe that any New Cold War would run entirely counter to the interests of humanity. Instead we stand in favour of maximum global cooperation in order to tackle the enormous challenges we face as a species.

We therefore call upon the US to step back from this threat of a Cold War and also from other dangerous threats to world peace it is engaged in including: withdrawal from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces agreement; withdrawal from the Paris Climate Change Accords; and its increasing disengagement from UN bodies. The US should also stop pressuring other countries to adopt such dangerous positions.

We support China and the US basing their relations on mutual dialogue and centring on the common issues which unite humanity.


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