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Webinar: The Arrest of Meng Wanzhou & the New Cold War on China (1 March 2021)

A coalition of peace groups across Canada is organising this webinar, which takes place on Monday 1 March at 7pm (EST). For more information, email

Hearings in the extradition trial of Meng Wanzhou, CFO of Huawei, are scheduled to resume March 1. Her arrest was a colossal blunder by the Trudeau Government, motivated by Trump’s political, economic, and security ambitions to create a new cold war with China. Our panelists will discuss the alarming rise of Sinophobia and anti-Chinese rhetoric in Canada and the likelihood that Huawei will be illegally banned from participation in Canada’s 5G network. Will anything change under Biden?

Join our webinar on March 1, 2021 at 7 pm EST.
Speakers include:...

February 13, 2021

Statement regarding the removal of CGTN’s UK broadcasting licence

Statement issued by the No Cold War organising committee on 5 February 2021.

The removal of CGTN’s broadcast licence by Ofcom is a reprehensible act which runs against the interests of the British people. It is well known, and publicly acknowledged, that CGTN is a Chinese state broadcaster and viewers can therefore take this into account in judging its services and broadcasts. As a state television broadcaster, CGTN’s status is similar to that of the BBC, France Télévisions, NHK (Japan), KBS (Korea) and others.

The formal reasons given by Britain for removing CGTN’s licence are evidently specious. Ofcom states that holders of a broadcasting licence in Britain must not be controlled by political bodies. However, this rule is selectively applied. For example, the BBC, which routinely broadcasts criticism of China, is clearly controlled by a political body – the British state. Indeed, so tightly is the BBC controlled by the British state that since its earliest days its staff were directly vetted by MI5.

There are numerous examples of channels with clear political agendas – for example CNN has continuously broadcast programmes favouring the US Democratic Party and carried on political campaigns against both former President Trump and China. One may have different views on this content, but CNN is not prevented from broadcasting in Britain. The reality is that broadcasters with policies favourable or acceptable to the British government are allowed to broadcast, while those which are critical of it are not....

February 05, 2021

Li Baorong: “La humanidad tiene un destino compartido”

NB. The “No Cold War” platform in coordination with the Simón Bolívar Institute , ALBA Movimientos and the Tricontinental Institute for Social Research held a conference to address the emergence of a “new Cold War” imposed by the United States on China. The following article covering the event, with a specific focus on Ambassador Li Baorong’s contributions, was originally published in Argmedios.

Por Julián Inzaugarat

El surgimiento de una “nueva Guerra Fría” impuesta por Estados Unidos a China y las formas de guerra híbrida utilizadas como parte de ese nuevo escenario estratégico, los cambios en la economía y sistema mundial, la lucha ideológica contra el unilateralismo y la apuesta por el multilateralismo, así como las nuevas perspectivas chinas desde el ángulo de la ‘Comunidad del Destino de la Humanidad (CDH) fueron parte de los temas a tratar del seminario “Una nueva Guerra Fría contra China va en contra de los intereses de la humanidad’’.  ...

February 02, 2021

VIDEO: A New Cold War on China is a against the interests of Humanity.

On 30 January, we held our first bilingual Spanish-English event, organised in coordination with the Simón Bolívar Institute, ALBA Social Movements, and the Tricontinental Institute for Social Research. Speakers included Alicia Castro (Argentina), João Pedro Stedile (Brazil), Eduardo Regalado Florido (Cuba), Ricardo Menéndez (Venezuela), Monica Bruckmann (Peru/Brazil), Ambassador Li Baorong (China) and Fernando Haddad (Brazil).

February 02, 2021

Bi-lingual event (Spanish/English): A New Cold War in China is against the interests of humanity (30 January, 2021)

On 30 January at 11am (Caracas) / 10am (US Eastern) / 7am (US Pacific) / 3pm (Britain) / 11pm (China), we will be holding our first bilingual Spanish-English event, organised in coordination with the Simón Bolívar Institute, ALBA Social Movements, and the Tricontinental Institute for Social Research.

The speeches will be in Spanish and will be interpreted live in English.

Speakers include:

  • Alicia Castro (Argentina)
  • João Pedro Stedile (Brazil)
  • Ricardo Menéndez (Venezuela)
  • Monica Bruckman (Peru/Brazil)
  • Ambassador Li Baorong (China)

Streaming details will be available shortly.

January 24, 2021

No Cold War year in review

It’s hard to believe the No Cold War campaign has only been in existence for six months. In that time we’ve run some great online events, launched our campaign statement, and worked hard to raise awareness about the dangers of the US-led New Cold War against China. In total, No Cold War video events have received over 3.1 million hits, and we’ve been able to start building a systematic dialogue between anti-New Cold War forces from around the world. Our campaign statement has picked up support from organisations and individuals around the world, and has been translated into 18 languages.

With only a couple of weeks left in 2020, we wanted to take the opportunity to take stock of our progress so far, and to thank you for your involvement.

Our inaugural conference took place on Saturday 25 July, featuring some fantastic speakers from China, the US, Venezuela, India, Russia, Brazil, Canada and Britain. Over 350 people joined the Zoom call, and the livestream has had over 30,000 views. The event also received significant media coverage in China, with the report in Global Times receiving over 200 million hits. You can see all the videos in this YouTube playlist....

December 18, 2020

Press release: campaigners against racism and the New Cold War forge a path of unity

Wednesday 11 November 2020

For immediate release

The launching of a New Cold War against China by the US has inevitably been accompanied by a rise in racism.

Racism has been built in to the fabric of US society since its foundation – in particular against Native Americans and African Americans. In recent years right-wing forces, empowered by Trump, have extended this to islamophobic attacks on Muslims and xenophobic attacks on Latin Americans. Now the launching of a New Cold War and the attempt to push the blame for the coronavirus pandemic onto China has fanned the flames of anti-Asian and anti-Chinese racism.

The New Cold War is also to a significant degree the product of the decreasing weight of the US within the world economy. With China set to overtake the US as the world’s largest economy within the next few years, international relations are clearly moving away from US-led unipolarity and towards a multipolar world order. Rather than developing a coherent strategy to represent US interests within such a system, the US administration seems intent on trying to prevent it from emerging. Hence the New Cold War, the ‘Pivot to Asia’, the trade war, the attacks on Chinese technology companies, and the strategy of increased military tension....

November 11, 2020

Danny Haiphong – How Trump fuels white nationalism and anti-China racism

Danny Haiphong, Black Agenda Report contributing editor and No Cold War organising group member, spoke at the recent Stand Up to Racism rally, ‘Black Lives Matter Vs Trump: A Decisive Moment in the International Anti Racist Movement’.

November 01, 2020

Event: Will the US Presidential Election Change the US New Cold War? (7 November, 2020)

US, Chinese and other experts opposing a New Cold War will analyse the consequences of the outcome of the US presidential election.

The event is organised jointly by No Cold War, the Tricontinental Institute for Social Research, and Chongyang Institute, Renmin University of China. It will take place on Saturday 7 November 2020, at 7am (US Eastern), 8pm (China), 12pm (UK), 4am (US Pacific). You can register free on Eventbrite here.

About this Event

President Trump launched a New Cold War against China which has led to a dangerous rise in global tensions. It is a decisive part of an aggressive ‘America First’ foreign policy which has also involved an attack on the people of many other countries – including US support for coups in Latin American countries such as Bolivia.

At this webinar experts from the US, China, Britain, Bolivia, India and other countries will discuss whether the outcome of the US presidential election will end, continue or change the tactics of the US in the New Cold War....

October 28, 2020

No Cold War event: Uniting Against Racism and the New Cold War (14 November, 2020)

A webinar on forging unity between the anti-racist and anti-war movements, building together towards a future of peaceful cooperation.

The event will take place on Saturday 14 November 2020, at 9am (US Eastern), 10pm (China), 2pm (UK), 6am (US Pacific). You can register free on Eventbrite here.

About this Event

Neoliberal capitalism in crisis is simultaneously leading to a rise in racism and driving towards a potentially disastrous New Cold War on China. No Cold War is pleased to host a webinar on forging unity between the anti-racist and anti-war movements, building together towards a future of peaceful cooperation, free from racial or national oppression.


October 28, 2020

No Cold War statement

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A New Cold War against China is against the interests of humanity

We note the increasingly aggressive statements and actions being taken by the US government in regard to China. These constitute a threat to world peace and are an obstacle to humanity successfully dealing with extremely serious common issues which confront it such as climate change, control of pandemics, racist discrimination and economic development.

We therefore believe that any New Cold War would run entirely counter to the interests of humanity. Instead we stand in favour of maximum global cooperation in order to tackle the enormous challenges we face as a species.

We therefore call upon the US to step back from this threat of a Cold War and also from other dangerous threats to world peace it is engaged in including: withdrawal from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces agreement; withdrawal from the Paris Climate Change Accords; and its increasing disengagement from UN bodies. The US should also stop pressuring other countries to adopt such dangerous positions.

We support China and the US basing their relations on mutual dialogue and centring on the common issues which unite humanity.